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Foam Party Fort Lauderdale

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Please call or text first to make sure we are available on your date and time.

Bubbuloso Foam Parties: Elevate Your Party Experience in Fort Lauderdale

Are you searching for an unforgettable party experience in Fort Lauderdale? Look no further than Bubbuloso Foam Parties, the ultimate party experience that is guaranteed to bring a Foamtastic party directly to your doorstep!


From one of the creators that brought you Zombie Ice, Our mobile Foam Party machines have been, delighting families and businesses across Fort Lauderdale with happiness and excitement for over 3 years.

Bubbuloso Foam Parties takes pride in offering a premium party Foam experience that presents a thrilling Foam Party right here in Fort Lauderdale. Our package menu is continuously evolving to cater to a wide range of preferences, ensuring that every guest finds something to suit their taste.

Prepare to be amazed by our heart-pumping renowned foam parties—experiences that are exclusive to Bubbuloso Foam Parties and simply cannot be found elsewhere in Fort Lauderdale. We specialize in creating moments of pure exhilaration and joy that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Whether it's a birthday celebration, Summer Camp, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, corporate event, or school graduation, Bubbuloso Foam Parties is perfectly suited for any occasion in Fort Lauderdale. Our mission is to infuse every event with unparalleled joy and excitement, transforming it into an unforgettable experience that will be cherished by all.

Why settle for an ordinary party when you can have an extraordinary one with Bubbuloso Foam Parties? Allow us to bring the excitement straight to your doorstep in Fort Lauderdale, ensuring the success of your event and leaving your guests in awe. Experience the magic and make your occasion truly remarkable with Bubbuloso Foam Parties: Elevate Your Party Experience in Fort Lauderdale. Book now and let the unforgettable festivities begin!

Book your Foam Party now!

Bubbuloso Foam Parties PRICING:

We arrive 30 - 45 minutes brfore start time to set up.

1 hour    = $349
2 hours  = $648

3 hours  = $947
4 hours  = $1,246 

Normal price $1,047
SAVE $100

• Sound System with an Awesome Playlist
• Sprinkler to play in & rinse off
• A Trained Person handling equipment

Normal price $698
SAVE $50

Normal price $1,396
SAVE $150

Locations North of Boynton Beach Blvd. to PGA Blvd. or South of SR-836 to Homestead
add $50 travel fee



This is an ADD-ON to the price of your foam party
$199 for the first hour.
$100 each hour after.
• 150w UV lights
• Laser Lights, DJ Strobe lig
• UV additive to make the foam GLOW


Video souvenir!

This is an ADD-ON to the price of your foam party
How would you like a fully produced video of your party edited to music showing off all of the fun of your Bubbuloso Foam Party experience?
We have been in the Video Production business for over 25 years.
We will produce a 1-minute video of your party delivered within 24 hours


This is an ADD-ON to the price of your foam party
Birthday Package
$299 (up to 60 Servings - 1 Hour)

LARGE EVENTS over 60 servings
$299 for the first 60 servings
$2.50 per serving after 60

Are your child’s birthday parties getting a little boring?

Are you looking for something new and exciting to do at your next Birthday party, corporate event, School, or family reunion?

 Bubbuloso Foam Parties is the perfect way to turn any event into an unforgettable experience that your guests will be talking about for years to come.  


Our Foamtastic Action packed foam parties are fun, safe, and easy! We bring all of our own equipment and there is no need to worry about clean-up after we leave. Best of all, Bubbuloso Foam Parties offers a variety of packages from one-hour events to four-hour extravaganzas so you can choose the package that best suits your needs and budget. Whether you’re planning a kid's party or an adult-only corporate shindig we have got you covered!

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All we need from you is:


Grounded 3-prong outlet

75 feet from the machine

(we bring a 75 ft cord)

Water Supply

75 ft from machine

(we bring a 75 ft hose)

Area at least 12x12 ft

Grassy Area preferred

Pavement works, too!

  • What's included in the price?
    Included: • Main unit enclosure (Head) • LED Tripod stand • Pole Mount and 100mm VESA bracket • Keychain HOME button tool (Not necessary but cool) • HEX wrench tool to open the Head unit • 2 extra screws in case you lose 1.......twice :) NOT INCLUDED: 12.9" iPad pro Photo Booth APP
  • Which Photo Booth App Should I use?
    There are a few Professional iPad Photo Booth apps available. Luma Booth: This app is the most cost effective we've found so far. You can use the app for $20 a month for the BASIC or $60 a month for the BEST which includes analytics, online Gallery, unlimited events and use on multiple iPads at once and more customization options. This app sends photos via text or email. You can do photos, GIFs and Boomerang and can also airprint if you have a compatable printer. PixBooth 2: This app is AWESOME, you can pay per event or for the EVENT PRO monthly subscription at $149. The ultimate Photo Booth tool to capture branded photos of your guests. Capture unique photos, with the option to deliver via phone, text, or both! Have your guests go online to view and share their branded photo or video to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels. PixBooth 2 Features •Fully Customizable •A truly unique experience •Greenscreen •GIF •Boomerang •Burst •Filters •Over 350+ available including AR digital props, face altering, and photographic filters •Overlays •Brand how you want •Email, Text, Print, Gallery, & Slideshow •Dropbox Integration Snap Pic: This app is probably the most used throughout the photo booth industry. You can pay $30 per event, $69 for the Pro or $169 for the Enterprise per month. LOTS OF GREAT FEATURES
  • Can the photo booth run on a battery?
    YES. The photo booth can operate on a batterypack available in the order form. You can get about 5-6 hours of power.
  • How much does it weigh?
    The Head unit weighs about 7lbs and the LED stand weighs about 8 lbs.
  • Can I control the led lights?
    YES. It comes with remote controllers that allow you to change the light colors. On the head unit you can change the light colors and patterns and has over 200 preset effects.
  • How much is shipping?
    Good question! I'm not exactly sure yet, we will send you an invoice once your unit is ready to be shipped. We ship you the head unit, travel case and pole mount. The tripod stand is shipped separately, but don't worry the stand is free shipping in teh U.S.
  • What size ipad does it use?
    This Head unit holds the 12.9" iPad Pro We chose to use this size because it looks more impressive to your clients and guests. It doesn't look like an Ipad, because most people are not used to seeing the large ipad. Here is a tip: The 1st Gen 12.9" only has a 1.2MP front camera. The 2nd Gen 12.9" has a 7MP front camera and this is a MUCH BETTER OPTION. With that being said, the 1st gen still looks nice for the size of photos you are outputting and you can find them used on craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or for around $500-$600.
  • How long does it take to ship?
    The photo booths are offically starting to ship as of 7/19/2018. We do have to do some assembly so please allow 1-5 business days before we ship. Then whatever Ground shipping takes from Florida.
  • Does it need to be attended while in use?
    Not necessarily. This photo booth is so easy to use that it doesn't need an attendant to look after it. Of course like anything, just use common sense. If you are doing a party and kids are going crazy, it may be a good idea to just have someone looking over it. We send our photo booth out to many parties and events unattended and it has come back in perfect shape every time.
  • Do I need any other equipment on the side?
    All you need is the Rainbow Lite unit and a Photo booth app mentioned above to run a successful party. If you want to buy extra items it will only add to the experience: Props Backdrops Printer etc. But not necessary
  • Do I need Internet or Wifi to operate the Rainbow Lite?
    YES & NO. Yes you do need WIFI for the guests to send their photos via TEXT or EMAIL, I usally ask the client for their WIFI password if we are setting up inside of a building. If we are setting up outside like at a park, We use a wifi hotspot and it works perfectly. NOW, if you lose signal or dont have internet at all, the ipad app will save the photos to your ipad and also keeps the photos in a queue so that when your ipad is connected to WIFI later, the photos will send.
  • How long does the booth take to set up at a gig?
    You can set up in less then 1 minute :) We will post videos next week on how to set up your Rainbow Photo Booth at a gig.
  • Am I buying a full business with support and everything I need to be sucessful?
    We're not selling a business / franchise. We're selling a tool, a fancy enclosure and stand that we designed and had fabricated for you to add your own iPad and app / software for you to make your own business or to add to your exisisting business. As we would LOVE to spend every second of our day helping you and teaching you everything about the photo booth business. We just can't. Like everything, YOU will have to do research, learn how to use whichever app you choose to use, go through the trial and errors that any successful business owner goes through. We are trying to add a lot of Q&A's to help with some of the questions, we see that most of the questions are about what the Apps can or can't do. The BEST way we can answer is this...... Go to the app website and most of your questions can be answered there if not, every app also has a Facebook page with active users that can help you answer any questions. We don't own the apps, so we don't offer app support. :)
  • How should I price this out to clients?
    It's totally up to you. I rent mine out as an "Unattended Photo Booth" Meaning That my client picks up the photo booth from my office, sets it up at their party and returns it. I charge $499 for 24 hours. That business model is not for everyone. On average a normal photo booth rental with prints props and backgrounds around $250 per hour So if I were renting out The Rainbow Photo Booth out by the hour. I would probably be at $150-$200 per hour with an attendant, the attendant doesnt have to to much except babysit the booth. I usally pay someone $10-$12 an hour.
  • Is there a warranty?
    There is a 1 year (365 days) warranty on the power/lighting or defects on the head unit. No warranty on the tripod stand because it gets beatup so much I would'nt be able to tell if its defective from teh factory or from being thrown around. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE KNOBS THEY WILL STRIP OUT. Warranty does not cover the unit being dropped or other damage. Many people ask how long do LEDs last. Under ideal conditions LEDs are rated for 50,000 hours. Thats about six years of continuous use.
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Please call or text first to make sure we are available on your date and time.


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