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Short Stack Photo Booth VIDEOS

Short Stack Photo Booth VIDEOS


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How much does the photo booth cost?

Other add on options:





What is included in that price? 

​The complete photo booth.SHORT STACK PHOTO BOOTH
  Anodized Aluminum frame with pre-finished 
  aluminum surface polypropylene core (WHITE) 
• Top box has Acrylic white translucent panels 

• Soft protective covers

** Your choice to have iPad cutouts on all 3 sides, just the back or none

You will need to provide your own iPads. Ipads are not included in this price.
• LED Accent lighting for top box 
•Canon T5 DSLR camera 
•PAN/TILT Remote Camera Head 
•LED continuous Lighting 
•LED Display Strobe Flash 
•Surface Pro 3 w/ i5 Processor 
•Darkroom Booth software v2.5 
•Lots of templates included 
•Integrated 150w speaker with Amp 
•Bluetooth Sound 
•Sinfonia CS2 Dye-Sub Photo printer 
•1 roll of paper & media 
•Full Assembly and wiring 
•Live video chat training session

Other things you would need to buy are: Props, tables, table covers, backdrops

How much can you charge the client and how much does it cost you per party to run?
Price really depends on the area. I am in South Florida where I do 2, 3 & 4 hour parties.
2 Hours = $499
3 Hours = $​749

4 Hours = $​999

My prices are about average, I’ve seen prices at $1,400 for 4 hours. I wouldn’t go under $499 for 2 hours.

I don’t lower my prices just to get the job​.​ I turn down jobs almost every day.

The photo booth ​is not for every party or every budget, it’s a higher end entertainment service.

​If you start your new business by going cheap, you will only get cheap gigs.

as for the cost to run a gig... its CHEAP less then $30 in media costs… 

I have my booths set up so that every session takes 1 minute. so in an hour at MOST ​I can only do 60 sessions..

on average I really only do about 40 sessions​ per hour​. 40 sessions x 4 hours is 160 sessions is 160​ 4x6​ prints (320 2x6 strips).

some sessions have 4 or more people and I print out one for everyone so lets just say that i print at most 220 prints (440 2x6 strips).


***I always do 2x6 strips, its faster and a little cheaper. 

​The printer prints 2 strips on a 4x6 and then it cuts them in half a box of printer media costs $​99.00 for 2 rolls of paper and 2 rolls of film. each roll is ​300 4x6 prints or ​600 strips. comes out to $.0​8 per photo strip.
using the example above, which is rare for me to print that many, but at most.

BUSY 4 hour party
440 strips x $.0​8= $​17.60 in media costs.
Thats just media costs. you also figure in if you are paying someone to run the booth, gas, travel, insurance and all of the other things in running a business.

What are the chances it will break and I will cry? Seriously, what tech issues will I run into?
The photo booth is pretty solid. in the 6 years the ONLY major problem was i had my computer set to auto update and during a party it started to update and it took an hour. with that being said.. this is a computer and electronics anything could go wrong. drivers could become corrupt, cables could go bad. I use top of the line equipment and in the past 6 years i have not had any piece of equipment go bad, but it COULD happen.


​Some Photo Boothers have backup equipment​, spare computer, printer, camera, cables etc. thats up to you. you should at least basic troubleshooting most of the time to fix anything all of you have to do is turn it OFF and back ON. Make sure all cables are secure, you should also know how the printer loads incase it gets jammed, it does not happen often, but could happen.

What type of insurance is needed, what are the risks?
Its always a good idea to have insurance. photo booth insurance is cheap, less then $200 per year. there are not many risks, but its the unexpected things that come up that need to be worried about. these days everyone wants to sue for everything. maybe they poke themselves in the eye with a prop. or trip and hit their head on the table, who knows, its better to be protected.

Where do you purchase the supplies needed?

when you buy one of my photo booths, i email you a complete list of everything i use and links to where I buy.


How much does it weigh?

TOP BOX = 28 lbs.

With printer = 47 lbs.
Without printer = 18.5 lbs.

BOTTOM BOX = 14 lbs.

TOTAL WEIGHT: 89.5 lbs.


What are the dimensions?​ Electrical needs? Will it fit in a car?

​Each of the 3 boxes are 13" x 17" x 21"​

YES it  fits in a car.

​My son has a 4 door Hyundai Elantra and it fits fine in the back seat 

and all of the other stuff (tables, props, backdrop etc. fits in the trunk with plenty of space left over.

A normal wall socket is all you need for power.



How much room do I need to set up everything at a gig?

You can set un in as small as a ​6’x​6’ space. i recommend a 8’x 8’ space​ at least because most backdrops are 8x8.​ 

the more space you have the better it is. 


Can this safely be set up outdoors?
It can be set up outdoors but depending on where you are I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m in South Florida so it can be bright and sunny, but within minutes it could be a thunderstorm. Again. this is a computer and electrical equipment water is a bad thing. Also, if its too hot the system and printer will turn off if it is overheated, So i always ask if its outdoors and if it is, i usually don’t take the job.

How much time for setup and teardown should you plan on.

​The actual SHORT STACK PHOTO BOOTH​ only takes 1-2 minutes to set up not including backdrop, tables, props etc.

I always arrive 1 hour before the event start time. it only takes me 20 minutes to set up

​ everything (tables, backdrops, props etc.)​​​


​One time​ i forgot a cable and had to run to the local ​W​almart to get another cable and i still had enough time​ with arriving 1 hour before.​

so I would say its 20-30 minutes to set up

Does it break down to transport? 

​I​t breaks down, ​into 3 lightweight boxes with covers

Will I need a truck or trailer to transport it? 

NOPE, there is a video above of my daughter putting into a small 4 door car with plenty of room left over.

What are the dimensions for shipping?

​The shipping box sizes are:

BOX 1 - 18" x 18" x 24" • 36lbs.

BOX 2 - 1​5" x 1​5" x ​19" • ​31lbs.

​BOX 3 - 18" x 18" x 24" • 27lbs.

BOX 4​ - 18" x 18" x 24" • 22lbs.

Cost to ship in the states?

​Around $225 UPS GROUND (4 boxes)​

I have shipped from South Florida to Washington state for $225 with full insurance

​​Who's hiring photo booths? ​Tips for marketing please. 

Everyone that is having a party with guests and looking for entertainment. I do ​Weddings, ​Bar ​Mitzvahs, ​Corporate, ​Clubs, 

​Birthday parties, ​Promotional events, ​Reunions, ​Baby showers etc.​

As for marketing tips.. there are so many that I don’t want to give away here cause they could be used for any business.

#1 contact your past clients, friends and family and tell them you have a photo booth. That's the BEST way to start

What type of Support do you give? 

I give support on the equipment, I will do one on ones with you over Skype if needed. if you can come to South Florida, I will have you come to an event with me to see how i run it. as for the software. its called DarkRoom Booth and they have a GREAT support team of their software.

Any warranties? 

1 year 365 days on the equipment. not on normal wear and tare or damage. if you crack your screen, drop your printer or run over your booth with your car. its NOT covered.

How long will this unit last before needing to replace? Years? 

like anything, as long as you take care of it it will last for years. ive been running mine for 4 years now. no problems.


H​ow many people do you need to man the station? 

you can run an event with just 1 person, but I always bring an extra person with me to help manage props, help with the setup and breakdown, cover for restroom breaks.

​I NEVER leave the booth unattended, ​guest will destroy it.


​What's the ROI? 

like anything, you get out of it what you put into it. I mean, if you look at my prices above, i charge $​999

for a 4 hour party if I did 6 of those it more then pays for the photo​ booth….. I ​average ​24 - 30 gigs ​a month.

My first year I made $38k. year 2 I made $89k 3rd year I made $124k on Photo Booths (Earnings will very) 

Is it pretty much plug and play? 

YES, the software is easy to learn and use. the only main thing you would have to do before an event is to design your photo strip.

Im not a graphic designer. How do I design the photo strips? 

The photo booth software has pre made templates and also a photo strip creator and its easy to use. No photoshop skills needed (but a plus if you know photoshop ;)

How many hours do you do at a time​​?

2 , 3 & 4


Do you have a minimum number of hours​​?

I do 2 hours minimum

Will you have support documents, i.e. to use on website, brochures, Business Cards, videos etc… 

I will have some images you can use. the rest you will have to create. Im selling a photo booth (hardware) not a complete business. 

That price for a business would be much higher then the $7,500 for the photo booth.

Will you sell to others in the same location as me, 

Yes. this is NOT a franchise. so be first and be the best.


What do your contracts look like for photo booth gigs: 

Everyone should always have a lawyer create your contracts, laws change from state to state.

How do I pay?

Call John or email. You will receive a Paypal invoice,

NOTE: if you are paying through paypal using your credit card there will be a 3% fee added. 

You can send a check for full payment to avoid that 3% fee or use VENMO

Please allow 4-6 weeks for your booth to be delivered.

Can i send just a 50% deposit?

We only except payments in full, sometimes the booths are built faster then 4 weeks also the price to build the booth is much higher then then 50%. its just easier for us to have payment in full before we start to build.

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