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  • ONLY FITS THE 12.9 GEN 3. (Without the home button)

  • Black Tripod stand 

  • Accent LEDs Around the Edge over 200 effects

  • Heat vents on the back

  • Rotate, tilt & height adjustments

  • Super portable and easy to setup

  • Sets up in under 30 seconds

  • Fabricated from aluminum and Acrylic

  • Black powder coated

  • 1 Power adaptor controls everything even Charges the iPad while turned on.

  • Dimmable White lighting 

  • Great booth for Beginners & Pros

  • Dimensions: 14" W x 17.5" L 1.25" D 

  • Weight: 7lbs with iPad installed


Apps we recommend,

LUMABOOTH APP- it's cheap and has lots of pro features.

SNAPPIC app - It costs more, but is a powerhouse app.


There are many more Photo Booth apps out there and most have trials. you should try them for yourself to make a decision.


Pi² - iPad Photo Booth for 12.9” Gen 3

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